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Top-Quality Whole-House Water Treatment Systems

Ensure that your water is the best possible quality with THE WATER STORESM in Bath, PA. We offer convenient water purification and whole-house water conditioning systems. You will enjoy all the benefits of clean fresh water in the kitchen and bath, as well as potential energy savings and longer appliance life.  All products are tested to the highest industry standards and come with a manufacturer's warranty that is longer than you'll find at the big-box store.

Whole-House Water Systems

Typically, whole-house water systems are installed in the basement or utility closet. These water systems are for treating all the water in a home, business, school or church. Our whole-house systems include:

Water Softeners - remove hardness minerals and low levels of iron and manganese.
Acid Neutralizers - raise the pH to prevent pinholes in copper and leaching metals
Ultraviolet Sterilizers - destroy pathogenic and confluent bacteria
Iron Filters - remove higher iron levels with air injection and specialty media
Sulfur Filters - eliminate rotten egg odor
Sediment & Dirt Filters
Chlorinators & Chemical Feeds
No-Salt, Anti-Scale Systems
Aeration Systems
Water-Saving Softeners -  newer demand metered units save water and salt
Chemical Removal
• Carbon Backwash - chlorine removal 

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