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THE WATER STORESM is one the most trusted providers of water treatment systems in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding areas. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about water.

Q. I have a well. What should I be concerned about?
A. Well water is subject to a number of contaminants, some naturally occurring, some introduced. Common problems with wells include bacteria, nitrates, pinholes in copper from low pH, lead, excess hardness, foul tastes and odors, and staining from iron and manganese. Some are potentially harmful to health, while others cause stains or damage to laundry, appliances, and fixtures, costing you money and wasting energy. Many substances with potential health effects from long-term exposure have no discernable taste or odor.

Q. I have city (public) water. Do I need a water system?
A. By law, public water systems must meet certain minimum safety standards. Everyone agrees that this is a constantly evolving challenge due to the sheer number of new substances being detected in our rivers, wells, and reservoirs. Our installed systems will give you peace of mind by improving your water to better-than-bottled-water quality. Also, some city water is very hard and requires softening to prevent damage to appliances and wasting energy. To maintain microbiological safety, chlorine residuals must sometimes be at a level that produces less than ideal taste. And, some people prefer to shower or bathe in chlorine-free water.

Q. Should I have my water tested?
A. Consumer agencies and public health officials recommend periodic testing for private water sources (homeowner wells, springs, cisterns). We can perform some testing for you at no charge, and arrange for more extensive testing through certified labs. We will advise you on which path to take. A proper water treatment proposal, in our estimation, always starts with a good water test, yours or ours.

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