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Drinking water systems provide you with highly refined drinking water. They can be installed under your     sink or remotely, and can be connected directly to your refrigerator dispenser for water and ice. You won't have to worry about heavy jugs taking up space or whether you will run out.  We also offer custom faucets for your drinking water purifiers in a variety of finishes so you can match the decor and style in your kitchen.

Most importantly, a drinking water purifier will provide you with the highest quality of water possible for all your drinking and cooking needs.  Children and pets love it, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are drinking water free from myriad substances that may be harmless but unpleasant, or in some cases harmful.  Some well-documented problems arise from ingesting lead, nitrates, arsenic, residues of pesticides and herbicides, parasitic cysts, fecal becteria, pharmaceuticals, radionuclides, and the list goes on.  A high-quality water purification system, properly installed and maintained, will give you peace of mind and encourage consumption of the healthiest drink of all: water

Our drinking water systems include:

• Reverse Osmosis

Our RO units use a multi-stage process to remove 90%+ of chemicals and minerals. They offer the widest range of removal capability, and we offer only NSF-certified units to assure quality claims. 

• Drinking Water Filters

Single cartridge filters are available for simpler applications such as taste and odor removal, and can be undersink mounted or attached to most kitchen faucets with a diverter hose.

• Microfilters

Highly effective for cyst (cryptosporidium, giardia) and chemical removal, these are available with a range of flow rates and micron ratings. Naturally-occuring  minerals remain in the water. Good for use in RVs and cabins also.

• Ultraviolet Sterilizers

This is the treatment of choice for homeowners with wells, cisterns or springs that have become contaminated with disease-causing bacteria. Should be installed to treat all the water in the house. DEP suggests testing at least annually for coliform bacteria.

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